Praxis Dr. Spranger

Dr. med. Dieter Spranger, Specialist in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Königstein/Taunus

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Our services

We offer the following medical services:

  • general gyneacological check-up
  • treatment for special cases, including house visits and after care for surgical interventions
  • cancer check-up with the latest examination methods of cytology, Human Papilloma Virus detection, vaccination against cervical cancer and cancer aftercare.
  • pregnancy consultation and maternity care
  • special consultation hours for teenagers, sexual disorders and partnership conflicts (with the assistance of a psychologist)
  • special ultrasound examinations using 4D technology, sonography of the pelvic organs, colour-doppler scanning for differentiation of ovarian tumors, prenatal ultrasound examination such as nuchal translucency and foetal organ assessment at a very early stage of pregnancy, non- invasive prenatal testing for chromosomal abnormalities through blood-tests.
  • Mammography Screening for detection of benign lumps and breast cancer using the latest high frequency equipment: the implementation of a fine needle aspiration biopsy, carried out onsite, with the assistance of a breast tumor specialist.
  • hormone analysis
  • infertility diagnosis and treatment in collaboration with our approved fertility centre
  • check up for osteoporosis with Osteoson in combination with laboratory markers
  • incontinence consultation related to pregnancy or age
  • legally accepted counselling - Paragraph 218 - for unwanted pregnancies

Our network

We have close, long established links with the following specialists:

Gynaecology and Obstetrics
Dr. med. D. Mosch OA Dr. med. Anne Vollmann (Kreiskrh., Bad Soden, Tel.: 06196-656)
Prof. Dr. med. V. Möbus (Klinikum Ffm.-Höchst, Tel.: 069-3106-0)
Prof. Dr. Becker (Uni-Frauenklinik, Ffm., Tel.: 069-63010)

Institute Prof. M. Düx (KVB-Klinik, Königstein, Tel.: 06174-204549)
Breast-Care-Centre Markus-Krankenhaus, Frankfurt, Tel.: 069 - 95332264

Fertility-Clinic Wiesbaden
(Mainzer Straße 98-102, Tel. 0611-976320) M. Schorsch und Th. Hahn

Specialists for Laboratory-Hormone-Medicine
Dr. med. H. Riegel u. Dr. med. H.V. Bihlmaier (Wiesbaden, Tel.: 0611-73730)

Laboratory for cytology and molecular biology
Dr. Börsch (Ffm., Tel.: 069-461050)

Laboratory for cytology and molecular biology
Dr. Rakozy (Berlin, Tel.: 030-8974705043)

Dipl.-Psych. D. Schmidt (Offenbach, Tel.: 069-83833 712)

Dr. med. Elsbeth Staib-Sebler
(Frankfurt/M., Tel.: 069-21999 350)

Private Clinic for Urology
Dr. med. Karl-Ernst Ambs (Bad Soden, Tel.: 06196-561553)

Clinic for Genetics Wiesbaden
(Biebricher Allee 117, Tel. 0611-333119) Eva Schwaab